Monday, 21 September 2015


Channelled by Lisa Virtue

We in Spirit, channelling through Lisa to you, wish you to hereby know, to understand, that life has not only begun changing, but is rapidly changing. You are finding yourselves coming into connection more readily. You are having new Divine experiences with other energy forms and realms and resonances. Some may still feel reticent in admitting these to be true, however, know they are.

What can you do in the midst? Accept. Release resistance. Know that the changes are beneficial. You would not be moving into realms of pain and suffering with this shifting that is coming, you are moving into realms of light, love, joy and acceptance.

We hear many feeling that they are suffering through this and we request that you witness that part of yourself which is resisting change, which is choosing the perspective of deep suffering. Find a compassion and love for your inner self and a releasing of as much of the resistance to what is as you can. Recognize that the pain leaves as you move yourself through healing, through allowing newness, and bringing in a profound knowing that your spirit is guiding you into what serves your life best. It would not lead you otherwise.

So this notice is to say, yes dear ones, you are transitioning. Do not fear, loves. You are held in great arms of energy, guiding you. What lays at the other side of the shift? It is a new sense of being, ultimately. A new, or re-defined, merge, connection, unity, perspective on what is, through the view of loving and acceptance. Many are finding or moving into new levels of their own abilities and powers, as you might call them. Enjoy these shifts, they are for you to enjoy and have fun exploring. Allow the gifts that you manifest and feel, to inform and assist you in your life and how you truly feel you wish to interact with others - those around you, those from afar.

Congratulations on your part of the journey and choosing this moment of time to feel, enjoy and participate in such a wonderful dynamic shift for all. You are all loved so dearly. We thrill at your loving, wonderful adventures.

Great blessings are here for each, yet know you are each a blessing yourselves.
God/Source is with all of you.

Love from Above.

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Throwback to 2014 "What is Love?"

From the messages Spirit has been delivering lately, I thought it appropriate to post this article from Sept. 2014.  Enjoy.

What Is Love?
Channeled by Lisa Virtue

You've heard it asked in song, you may have questioned it when your heart was broken. What does love truly mean?

We from this non-physical perspective of existence view love as a state of consciousness. It is a state of being. It is when all of the essence of who you are aligns coherently. Meaning, all parts, all thoughts, all aspects of who you are, are in harmony with each other. It is a state of being in which there is no resistance or negative judgements. There is no self-criticism.

What you term as love from a physical being, western culture perspective, is the condition of satisfying wants and needs. Perceived or actual. So, whereas a non-physical essence, such as ourselves, finds love is what we are, a human often chooses the perspective of love being a temporary state, a conditional state of feeling.

Before you begin to judge yourselves as not being up to the “standards” of we in non-physical, know that you are simply in a different “place”. You are creating from the perspective of a physical being. That is meant to be a different experience than existing in the state of non-physical.

How we can help you in terms of the love experience, is to help you realize that your true nature is that of being love. Your role here in life is to express that love which you are in many ways. To release it from the few places you may think of love currently and begin to apply it to all, or at least more, areas of your experience. Why hold back? What is the taboo on loving? You can choose the degree to which you fear being judged by others in showing, demonstrating or living love in new ways. Keep it hidden if you must, but you will come to find that if you begin applying love to new things, you may not be able to contain it. It will effuse everything about you. How do you truly think others will feel being around you then? A good mood is contagious.

How do you find love in new things? Come in to appreciation. You may find concentrating on appreciation has you in a state of comparison at first. “I appreciate this being in my life because I can imagine the lack of it being terrible.” What we encourage you to evolve towards in your thinking is an appreciation of things and situations and states of being for simply being what and as they are. There is great beauty in items you habitually pass by. There is great use in the emotions you feel. (They bring awareness and release and are you expressing authentically.) Situations take on the colours you paint them with. So, as the metaphorical life artist that you are, start choosing a pallet that contains love more often. Choose to colour your experience from a place of joy, of appreciation, of good-feeling. Who says something has to be seen as tragic or difficult, or ugly? Use your love to see in a new way. Find that blessing that lies in all things. Decide to look for the beauty in the thing you once deemed ugly. For it lies there to be witnessed, if you choose your filter to be that of love.

With great blessings and joy to you all,
we are humbly and happily in service,
Great Spirit

Friday, 5 June 2015


Channelled by Lisa Virtue
Note: Each line was spoken by a different voice.

Dear Ones, we come into your lives so that you may know joy, peace and serenity. Now. In this expression of who you are.
We come to join you in harmony, peace, loving friendship.
We are part of you and you of us.
We sing together, this joyous life.
Let us be part of your friendship.
Bring us in to your life more fully now.
Let the resistance ease, and flow this new peace, stillness, calm resoluteness to flow.
Know the support lies within you, as we do, are.
We are whole, you and us/we. Eternally one.
So this means...
we are grateful...
at home...
forever with you, a part of you.
And you us.
Let that peaceful notion wash over you.
Allow yourself to steep.
Know that as one with all...
nothing evades you.
All has purpose.
All is known on some level.
Deep respect lies within our (and your) hearts
for all that is.
For experience.
Knowing. Trusting. Believing, having faith
that all is as it shall be.
We are one,
so know that love is what exists.
Love is the driving force of creation.
Nothing matters in essence but love.
Use this to guide you, your thoughts, ways, being.
Know that your light within you beats fast and furious for all mankind,
all creation.
It is the light, the spark of all.
This segmented message is delivered, each part, by a conscious aspect of awareness. Within you. For you. By you. Of you. Whole or in part, take the words you wish and leave them where your soul can dwell on them fully.
We are one, and we wish to know you more fully in conscious appreciation of the aspect of all that you create in your separate state of chosen awareness, here.
Dearest ones. We are. Know that you too can be, access and know more fully your conscious connection of greater awareness.

Peace lies within you, always. Know you are Love.

The many aspects of experience that is you.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Message From Archangel Gabriel

Channelled by Lisa Virtue

It is a time now of shifting, of purging that which has felt inconsistent with your ability to be in your grace, and joy. You may have found in the past brief time period, that you have encountered some challenges on your physical, mental and emotional lives - coming out strong for some. Your resonance, the vibration that makes up who you are, is coming into a new era of enlightened living. It is an era that encompasses the shifting in to acceptance of ourselves, of who we are as spirit beings in a human experience on Earth. This time has been long in coming. Eras have come and gone, making slow progress over time to this ramped-up-feeling energy period. So, many shifts have taken place in the last several years that have also felt strong. This is continuing as you exponentially come in to this shift. Now it's a time to finalize the purgings of the most recent time period. To shed the weight of the past.

As you step forward into this new time you can choose now to experience life in a greater way. Your greater ability to sense is maturing. Many, such as Lisa, have come into full connection with Spirit and themselves and perceiving energy in forms and ways that have not been expressed greatly in the past. Many others of you are starting to come into a new recognition of what life can hold for you. How you can be in this world in a way that is more pleasing, and feels like it is truthful to your purpose and your chosen life experiences. So I wish to encourage you to investigate the parts that are feeling uncomfortable yet. To get in there with a little brush to clean them out. For you are really in a time period now that I would like to term as “blossoming”. Yet with a blossom comes shift. Change happens. From that tight bud of the rose, it opens - metamorphoses into something bigger, greater, grander, more expressive of its inner nature. But it must undergo a shift – a change. So what you have been feeling, and what you may continue in for the next period is that opening, and if you have yourself set against change, mentally or physically, you'll find that you suffer more. Your choice is to accept what is.

If you are able to be in the understanding that the changes occurring for you are part of you opening into a new, greater, beautiful expression of who you truly are, then you will find it easier to allow it to pass through, to allow it its moment. I recommend instead of resisting change, to create turmoil through resistance, that you find, however you may, an acceptance. If you can even bring your heart into some joy, knowing that this is you coming more into a greater expression of your true self, then this will encourage you forward and help the shift be easier.

Now what can you expect in this new era? Well, expect that many more people will be opening to the concept of love as serving them best. To open to the communities of those expressing in this way. To be curious about their extra abilities for sensing, for understanding, for compassion. The urge to bring others forward as well will become stronger. To help those who feel pain to know a greater truth about themselves. You're now helping those who have resisted to come less into resistance and more into acceptance.

Those of you of the majority reading this article will know that you are part of the team to help more through. So accept that you are here to change not only yourselves, but to assist others when they are at the appropriate time for their own shift. You needn't force anyone. Allow them to come into that expression at the appropriate moment.

So live your lives, dear ones, knowing you are expanding as beings every moment. That you are witnessing a creation beyond the scope of simple human lives. There is a greater energy to this time period. You all have wonderful, loving supporters in the realms unseen, guiding you, supporting and helping you in the ways they can best do so. Ask for their assistance as you feel the need. Pray or speak to them as you wish. Feel and know that they are loving you always. You can connect to this when you wish by sinking into your heart, knowing this thought that they are there loving you, and practicing allowing your heart to open and accept this great love.

You are all blessed on this day as you read, from we in spirit, from myself as the Archangel Gabriel, coming to help mankind in their own true-self ascension time. With great love we cherish, respect and honour you in your Earth-time journey. A heart-felt, deep, core-centred blessing to you.

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Love In The New Dimension

Channelled by Lisa Virtue

We are speaking today as a team, to connect you with those of us who wish you nothing but peace and happiness for your lives, as you desire. Through love we guide and assist, shaping your world with you into one where you can express your inner most voice, your passions and desires, your beliefs, your thoughts, your beauty.

All are here for their various reasons. Yet the one constant is love. Love presides through all things. A deficiency of awareness, or focus to love can be felt in many situations. Other times it fills you, it surrounds you, it exudes out of you in such beautiful manner. Up and down and all around are shades of love. Coming forth into a new reality, a new dimension of space and time, you are to feel more, to connect more openly with each other. To fuel your passion with the understanding of the value of expression. And yet you will be coming more from a state of communion and connection, and so expression comes in beautiful ways.

So this new raising of your consciousness to the level that's coming is to be heralded, in a way, with the awareness more intensely of the love that resides in all things.

So come in to your hearts. Come and hear your inner voice and follow that lead to and through all interactions, whether they be brief or longer term. Find your way to accept those as they are, and to assist in changes as they require, or ask, yet holding yourself free from judging. You are able to assess and make distinctions, and, yes, even preferences, but judging implies that there is a mistake. Something considered completely incorrect. Learning happens through all stages. And so what is not right for you has not become that for another. Help them to grow as they wish, from a place of peaceful acceptance and encouragement towards their own heart-centre self-expression. What you witness when another is aggressive, or demeaning, or negative in a way that you do not prefer, is that there's an element you are exploring that needs some clarification and there is an aspect of them as well, exploring this. So together you can find new perspectives, through an approach coming from the heart-centre this time around.

As you travel dimensionally through vibrational space-time, you'll find you come in to new ways of being that feel somewhat uncomfortable or foreign. At first there is time needed to adapt, but you will progress quickly, in time, to a new comfort level of this feeling-from-the-heart business.

So, an awareness now you've been given of this shift that's occurring, and we welcome you to the trans-dimensional state of affairs. To help you enjoy your transition more readily, more fully, connect inward. Find that still space within to reside calmly. Bring your awareness within and allow the guidance that comes for you that feels peaceful and natural, to assist you on your way, on your new path in this new reality.

With great love, we are here as your helpers, in, of, as spirits.

Lisa Virtue is a trans-dimensional light worker who connects readily with other realms. She is a guide for those who need assistance in their transitioning. Ask her for assistance if you need. Come to her when you have questions. You may find her energy tuning alleviates some symptoms of transition. She assists in finding your vibrational alignment more in tune with this progression.
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Live your authentic life.


Channelled by Lisa Virtue

It is our great pleasure to come through to you today in this method of channelled writings dictated from audio. We come to assist you in this way for the purpose of connecting your Higher Self to your physical self in an improved manner. You are all bearers of Higher Self energy, yet it is the diminished flowing and allowing of that higher guidance that is the root of much suffering. What we wish to express is that you are loved and, at some level, know you are loved by the Universe. Yet how do you bring that into your current physical experience? Following your heart seems beneficial yet how does one allow oneself to be present with it?

First we will state that there are many roads that lead to a greater connection. Part of connecting is when you feel a particular path that you are attracted to, that resonates for you, that feels like the right one. Then you have already begun consciously connecting with that higher understanding. Knowing who you are is also sought. Yet there is nothing outside of you. So many words spoken to draw you to your truth, yet they are but symbols. Which combination will be the ones to trigger your own self-discovery and awareness?

Lisa's current approach is helping others root out deep-held beliefs that are limiting, that are contrary to allowing their full expression, who they truly are. This has worked very well for many, many people. Getting to the bottom of why one is holding one's self back can be a very liberating experience, life-changing in fact. So this is her method at this time for liberating people from their own blocks. She is also allowing this channelling, and we have dictated several articles to help you discover yourself.

What is most important is that you are aware that simply choosing your method of approach to self-discovery is part of allowing that greater truth to come through. So we say that all is already within you, meaning you already are all that you seek, yet you have amnesia. How do you wish to clear some of that? Perhaps you are primed and ready to drop it all at this moment. To simply leap into a new sense of being. You don't need all of the procedures, you are ready to go. Where do you feel you are? How close are you to releasing? Are you able to 'drop-shift' as we would say, or do you think you would benefit by a little coaching along the way? Some assistance with guiding you to discover your limiting thoughts, the energies offering resistance. You have a magazine here filled with people offering their assistance, what permission slip do you need for change? Start by tuning in to your heart, your gut, your intuition, your feeling of what resonates most for you at this time. Each time you practice tuning in for your answers in this way, you are increasing your shift. You are connecting with your inner-knowing. You are allowing.

Those of you who often read this magazine may feel you are beyond the scope of these words. That you have experienced much so far. We ask you to check within and see how these words we have written connect with you at this time. What is it there is to learn or reinforce, hidden in the depths of this article? If you followed the three lessons over the past months, again are you one who said “I already know” and skipped? Or did you take the opportunity to go back to the basics, the fundamentals? It is imperative that the foundation of your inquiry be secure. That even if you operate assisting others, that you too are reinforcing your foundations regularly. For it can be easy to move so far ahead that you drop off those basic, grounding, connection lessons. So asses for yourself where you feel you are at and how you are ready to proceed. Connect, connect, connect.

You are loved beyond measure. Know that.
Your Divine helpers in Spirit.

Lisa Virtue offers several healing modalities to assist you in your re-aligning with your true self. She may help you in any number of ways.
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Self-Discovery Lessons - Guidance from Spirit - Lesson Three

The lesson that starts off this new year is about learning to express who you truly are. You are a divine being of light, certainly.  However you are here as a human being with this beautiful essence as a soul and the challenge is to allow that true you to flow through and outward into expression, into the world.

So in the other lessons you have become grounded and familiar with your physicality.  You have become more connected to your inner truth.  And now it is about combining all of these and learning to release your spirit into humanity's presence.  You can express in so many ways. What we ask here is for you to attempt and practice allowing that inner voice to be expressed - not to be held down or stifled.

Put aside your fears of judgments, of what others may think about who you truly are - expressing. What you can fall back on for yourself in this regard, is that what others truly are looking for is your authenticity. Each person truly at some level wishes they could simply express exactly who they are and not be judged. So now you lead by example, letting out that which you feel within, of who you are.  Let it be seen.  Be proud, be happy that you can express your unique take on the world. As you express, you must coat it in love. This means you are coming from that inner realm, that inner place of truth, where you are loving yourself. So as a natural byproduct, how you express is most likely to be in a positive manner. But if you are feeling that you wish to express emotions that have a harsh edge to them, we ask that you take pause, tune in to your truth, and find expression that is respectful of others, that is coated in love and compassion.  Bring that understanding that everyone has their own challenges and only knows what they know, and only can do and be how they are.

So the self-discovery here is discovering how you can express that inner voice, that inner truth, that which feels aligned to you, in a way that feels good not only to yourself, but is not harsh on others. This does not mean that you have to agree with others or share space with them or allow them to be negative towards you. It is a practice in expressing from a state of love, from a state of compassion and understanding. So do what you must to keep yourself in a safe space. But try setting yourself free. Try new ways of expressing. Play with your spirit and your inner voice and allow it more freedom, more expression. Allow the vulnerability that comes with this. Yet feel how aligned it is. Feel how good it feels when you do express from your true self.  

Now Dear Ones, go, be your authentic self. Love who you are and the world will reflect that to you. You will begin attracting like energies. 

Have fun Dear Ones. With love we are with you, guiding you and helping you in your every day. 

Your blessed helpers,

Lisa Virtue is a Channel, Energy Healer and Teacher.  
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Self-Discovery Lessons - Guidance From Spirit - Lesson Two

It is in highest good to know yourself more fully, so that you may live more fully in life. Coming into alignment with your true nature, the essence of who you are in truth, brings you clarity, peace and even joy. This lesson is about how to commune more readily with that aspect of you that is your greater conscious awareness.

First settle yourself as you did last month with the grounding, the connecting through to all the parts of yourself. We hope you have developed a greater familiarity with your essence of energetic substance in physical form.

So bring yourself into that settled state of grounding, and now you are continuing to turn inward, looking for that area within that feels like the home of your true self, your true essence, the heart of you. The truth of who you are. Often this is in the chest region or sometimes the solar plexus. It will vary for each person.

This exercise and all that we will teach you, are best accomplished by refraining from analysing. Allow yourself to go with that which comes to you naturally. Refrain from over-thinking, please.

Moving in to this heart-space, bringing your awareness into this central area, allow yourself to penetrate deeper within your conscious self to a place of automatic knowing, auto-feeling. Ask your inner self the following question: “Who am I today?” 'Who am I', is a question that allows you access to your inner knowing through the feeling sense of what is true. Allow the feeling of the answer to come forth. You may feel a variety of aspects. The conscious aspect that has trials and tribulations. But there is also an awareness underlying this, a deeper knowing that you are truly more than your accomplishments and failures, your struggles and gains.

Sit in this style of meditative reflection for a time. Noticing that part that feels whole. That part that knows it is complete. That part familiar with pure love. For it resides in each and every one of you. That spark of light in some may feel or seem to be dim, with the burdens of life, yet there it is deep within. Others shine brightly knowing full well their magnificence as a spirit, as a being. Draw your attention to this which we call your light within, this knowing of your truth, your true self. Focus on this and allow it to expand in your awareness, weeding out negative thoughts, distracting things. Returning to this awareness, letting it grow, letting it expand and fill more of your awareness, your attention.

Become now familiar with this over the next month. Practice daily, if you will, establishing this connection. You may explore it more if you feel you are ready and able, but at least do your best to find, to establish a connection to this true nature part of your essence. From there we will develop further, next time, as we deepen your connection and discovery of your self, and of all that you can be capable. Harnessing the power within, through slow but steady efforts in self-discovery.

I encourage you in this practice of self-discovery, for as you build the base through these fundamentals all will come more readily for you. As you commit to your own development, you will reap wonderful rewards.

With an encouraging tone, we bid you happy practice and great joy.
With unending love for you,
Your Divine Spirit Helpers and Lisa

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