Monday, 21 September 2015


Channelled by Lisa Virtue

We in Spirit, channelling through Lisa to you, wish you to hereby know, to understand, that life has not only begun changing, but is rapidly changing. You are finding yourselves coming into connection more readily. You are having new Divine experiences with other energy forms and realms and resonances. Some may still feel reticent in admitting these to be true, however, know they are.

What can you do in the midst? Accept. Release resistance. Know that the changes are beneficial. You would not be moving into realms of pain and suffering with this shifting that is coming, you are moving into realms of light, love, joy and acceptance.

We hear many feeling that they are suffering through this and we request that you witness that part of yourself which is resisting change, which is choosing the perspective of deep suffering. Find a compassion and love for your inner self and a releasing of as much of the resistance to what is as you can. Recognize that the pain leaves as you move yourself through healing, through allowing newness, and bringing in a profound knowing that your spirit is guiding you into what serves your life best. It would not lead you otherwise.

So this notice is to say, yes dear ones, you are transitioning. Do not fear, loves. You are held in great arms of energy, guiding you. What lays at the other side of the shift? It is a new sense of being, ultimately. A new, or re-defined, merge, connection, unity, perspective on what is, through the view of loving and acceptance. Many are finding or moving into new levels of their own abilities and powers, as you might call them. Enjoy these shifts, they are for you to enjoy and have fun exploring. Allow the gifts that you manifest and feel, to inform and assist you in your life and how you truly feel you wish to interact with others - those around you, those from afar.

Congratulations on your part of the journey and choosing this moment of time to feel, enjoy and participate in such a wonderful dynamic shift for all. You are all loved so dearly. We thrill at your loving, wonderful adventures.

Great blessings are here for each, yet know you are each a blessing yourselves.
God/Source is with all of you.

Love from Above.

Lisa Virtue works as a Divine Channel speaking for those in the Spirit realm. She offers healing to assist you in your transformation. Newly gifted to her is the ability to align you in your true Divine Blueprint, as she calls it, which assists you more easily shifting into this new reality. We highly recommend partaking of this to make things easier on yourself if you feel so called. 
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