Friday, 14 September 2012

Unconscious Habits

Sick of being a certain way, or doing certain things, but can’t seem to get over it?
Typical vices aren’t the only habits we have that could use breaking.  Many of our undesired aspects seem to run on autopilot.

I’d like to share a story with you regarding habits that I experienced this morning.

Returning to bed in the dark of night, feet shuffling and hands groping for potential curse-inducing obstacles, I managed to find my way back under the covers.  Barely nodding off before I awoke again, I felt a soft but gripping tension return to my solar plexus.  Hmm, return?  Dozing off seemed to have freed me from my body enough for a new perspective.  Returning to it made me aware of the sensations I habitually hold in my body.

“No, not again,” I thought as the tension returned.  “That’s enough of this.”  I realized that this tension was an unconscious habit.  It was something I was putting back on again and again, without even knowing. 

As a healer who energetically removes blocks and issues from my clients, I decided it was high time I used those techniques on myself.  So up I went to the higher realm the angels taught me to access and asked how to heal not only this, but all of the things I was habitually burdening myself with.  What appeared was a wide, clear energetic tube that worked like a vacuum.  I passed it over every part of my body and it sucked up the negative habits and shot them into a divine light so bright and powerful that they disintegrated.  I must say that it was an ugly mess to see at first, but when the vacuuming was done, only a shining energy being remained – me. 

As I started my day, I wondered what it would be like, free of my habits.  Or, I thought, would I simply revert back?  Then I noticed myself noticing.  I was recognizing old thoughts, but now I was saying, “Nope, that’s just a memory, it’s no longer there.”  This kept me from repeating those habits.  It was noticeable to others.  The trainer at the gym asked me what I had done, as he couldn’t believe the things I was accomplishing with so much ease.

This experience has made me realize in a tangible way that everything we are, everything we think, believe, and do are actually choices we make.  Many of these choices seem to occur on an unconscious level, and keep recurring out of habit. 

However, the simple act of noticing a formerly unconscious habit gives us power.  Next time you recognize something undesired, search a little bit for the thought or belief habit that may be at the root.  You might be able to say to yourself, “Nope, that’s a just a thought I got used to thinking.  I’m leaving it in the past and choosing a new thought today.”

If you have difficulty with this, don’t be hard on yourself.  Habits are stubborn by nature.   I’m happy to help vacuum you out to make the process easier.

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Wednesday, 5 September 2012


The following is an article from my friend Karen Osborne, a shamanic and crystal healer, that I just had to share.  It's a great reflection on truth.  I share my comment after the article.  Enjoy!

~ Lapis Lazuli ~

Truth ~ Integrity ~ Divine Alignment

I have come to know Lapis Lazuli as The Great Stone of Truth. Its intense blue Light reveals the truth to us in every aspect of our lives, especially the truths we don’t want to accept or believe. If you are seeking the truth, and you are willing to face it when you find it, then you are ready to work with Lapis.

Often, we don’t want to know the truth, especially about other people.  No one wants to be wrong or made a fool of.  No one wants to be disappointed.  No one wants to feel the sting of betrayal or to know what other people really think of them.  Most of all we just don’t want things to change.  We don’t want foundational beliefs in our life to be called into question.  If you find out that you are wrong, you may feel humiliated, embarrassed or ashamed, and you may be required to take right action. For example, if you discover betrayal, you may have to face facts and make changes in your life.  You may be so reluctant to do this that you are willing to live with the lies, and turn away from the truth.  We can be so afraid that the truth will crush us, that we lie to each other and ourselves.  We don’t ask the questions that we should, and we remain misinformed and disempowered.

Lapis encourages honesty in speech and deed.  Every time we practice dishonesty in any form, we loose power and become false.  We move more and more into ego states and become less and less of our true selves.  We also disempower the people we lie to because they have now become manipulated by deception.  They cannot act in truth and integrity because they have not been told the truth.

A recent survey, found that the people poled told a lie more than thirty times per day.  Lying is a part of daily life.  Often we know people are lying to us and we say nothing.  We don’t call them on their lies and we hope that they won’t call us on ours.  We think that little white lies are harmless, but all the while we are losing power and the opportunity to create in alignment with the Divine. There is an ancient yogic teaching that says, if one can speak only the truth for 7 full years, all that one says will come to pass – so powerful is the truth.

Lapis may show you truths beyond your current model of reality.  It may shake your foundations of belief and cause you to question who you have become. It will definitely show you where you have become rigid or have lost your way. Lapis helps to cultivate our inner vision so that hidden truths may be revealed.  It also helps us to communicate truthfully.  It promotes honesty in ourselves and from those around us.  It is an excellent stone for clearing and balancing the throat and third eye chakras.

Ultimately Lapis is a stone of great empowerment, for when we are ready to open ourselves to the truth and the lessons it brings, we are free.

Lapis blessings to All,

Did you see yourself in that article at all?  To some degree or another we all have challenges with truth.  Becoming aware, and choosing to focus more on living as truthfully as you can will create wonderful changes in your life.      

For myself, I find it nearly impossible to try and tell a lie.  This is because my spirit, my conscience and my body work together to let me know I'm not being authentic.  As I form the thought,  my facial muscles change.  It's as if the smile is trying to fall off of my face.  This would likely give away my discomfort anyway.  

Lying to myself, on the other hand… ;)   I, as most everyone else, have been conditioned to think the internal feelings and resulting physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual dis-ease are normal.   Humans can adapt to anything, and what once may have seemed terrible suddenly becomes the norm and we no longer even notice it.

If we were completely laid bare to ourselves, viewed ourselves (and others) with compassion and love, and followed our truth, I don't think we'd need healers of any kind.

Meanwhile.... lol!

It's a journey for everyone.  Luckily there are lots of resources to help you ferret out the internal lies that are hindering you.  

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Wishing you great light and truth,

Monday, 3 September 2012

A Journey in Energy Healing

I was thinking back today on how far I’ve come since discovering the world of energy healing.  Before, I never would have believed the positive changes that would occur on all levels, and the amazing things of which I’d become capable.

It all started when I went to see a massage therapist because my muscles were in knots.  He was brave enough to tell me that he could sense energy and that I had hardly any flow at all in my legs.  Just so happens he was going to be taking a workshop on Grounding, and invited me to go.  This workshop was just what I needed and started me down the wonderful rabbit hole of energy medicine.

I dived right in and took a course in Vibrational Healing.
This is a wonderful energy harmonizing technique that taps into the body’s innate intelligence, inborn resistance to disease and inborn potential to heal itself.  Through muscle testing, blocks are located and then corrections are made in a non-invasive way.  It works to restore the body to optimal functioning, also providing benefit emotionally and spiritually.

In a bit of a backwards fashion, it was only after taking the training that I started going for treatments myself.  Layer by layer we healed my various ailments and issues.  I felt better physically and was clearing issues I hadn’t realized were at the root of problems.  As we got deeper, I noticed that I was opening more and more to who I truly am.  The outward facades I had built were no longer needed, and I felt better about myself.  I opened to so many more possibilities.

Today, I help other people feel better in their lives.  I expanded my repertoire with more energy healing modalities, such as Magnetic, Intuitive and Angel healing, along with healing with Crystals.  I also developed my senses and became a Medium.  What a long way I’ve come since that massage over three years ago.

Recently I refreshed and expanded upon my training in Vibrational Healing.  I would love to share the benefits of this technique with you, so am offering special pricing and packages for the month of September.  Check my website for details.