Monday, 3 September 2012

A Journey in Energy Healing

I was thinking back today on how far I’ve come since discovering the world of energy healing.  Before, I never would have believed the positive changes that would occur on all levels, and the amazing things of which I’d become capable.

It all started when I went to see a massage therapist because my muscles were in knots.  He was brave enough to tell me that he could sense energy and that I had hardly any flow at all in my legs.  Just so happens he was going to be taking a workshop on Grounding, and invited me to go.  This workshop was just what I needed and started me down the wonderful rabbit hole of energy medicine.

I dived right in and took a course in Vibrational Healing.
This is a wonderful energy harmonizing technique that taps into the body’s innate intelligence, inborn resistance to disease and inborn potential to heal itself.  Through muscle testing, blocks are located and then corrections are made in a non-invasive way.  It works to restore the body to optimal functioning, also providing benefit emotionally and spiritually.

In a bit of a backwards fashion, it was only after taking the training that I started going for treatments myself.  Layer by layer we healed my various ailments and issues.  I felt better physically and was clearing issues I hadn’t realized were at the root of problems.  As we got deeper, I noticed that I was opening more and more to who I truly am.  The outward facades I had built were no longer needed, and I felt better about myself.  I opened to so many more possibilities.

Today, I help other people feel better in their lives.  I expanded my repertoire with more energy healing modalities, such as Magnetic, Intuitive and Angel healing, along with healing with Crystals.  I also developed my senses and became a Medium.  What a long way I’ve come since that massage over three years ago.

Recently I refreshed and expanded upon my training in Vibrational Healing.  I would love to share the benefits of this technique with you, so am offering special pricing and packages for the month of September.  Check my website for details.  

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