Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Help to Easily Flow Through Global Energy Shifts

Hello again everyone.  I'm back from holidays and glad to be with you.

What a welcome back it was though.  Did you also feel effects from the global energy this past weekend?  Phew, it was a doozy.

Did your issues come to the surface where you couldn't ignore them?  Or perhaps you were unwell or feeling off?  Maybe you couldn't pinpoint why you were feeling that way, or that it seemed bigger than it should be?

I had a suspicion it was something global, but was too busy getting grounded and managing what was coming up for me to give it much thought.

Then I was contacted yesterday by a friend from South America.  He had been feeling the same thing.
Today I received the link below from a friend.  It corroborates the global energy occurrence.

Follow the link and listen to the audio.  Not only does she explain what was going on, but she conducts some energy processes to help each of us deal with the energy shifts that are happening.
While you're there, make a wish on her wish page.

I wish you all easy shifting!


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