Monday, 4 November 2013

Yes or No?

I had an interesting experience recently that you may find as insightful for you as it was for me. 

A couple of years ago a friend started teaching a course that I was very interested in.  I was so excited to take it.  Of course I first checked in with muscle testing and my spirit guides.  I was disappointed to repeatedly get the answer "no" no matter how often I asked.  So I listened and did not sign up.  Every time the course was offered again I would ask, and receive a "no".  I settled in to the idea that there was something not in my highest good and so was okay with that.

Well, the course came up again recently and out of habit, but no expectation, I asked.  To my surprise the answer was "yes".  When I talked to my spirit guides about this the answer was that if I had taken the course previously I was at risk of blindly following someone else's way.  At this time I am now well established in my path and confident in how I do things.  Now I am able to take the course to add tools to my healing toolkit as well as see how someone else approaches doing some of the things I'm already doing.  Seeing it from a different perspective and deciding if there are elements I'd like to incorporate or not.  The group of people is also a perfect match.  As always, I'm glad I trusted.

Do you use your inner guidance or check in with your guides before you make a decision?  If you do, are you able to trust and follow what you receive?  

How about when you participate in a learning environment?  Sometimes when you're first starting it's okay to just follow along.  At some point though you can take ownership of what you've learned and make it your own.  Claim your power instead of giving it away.  Then the courses you take truly become professional development (whether you do it for work or personal).  You begin consciously adding the tools you like and integrating them with awareness.

Creative Manifesting

Channelled by Lisa Virtue

This is a time for giving thanks for all that we have, all that we are and all that soon will come.  The blessings of the past may be in our awareness, as long as they lift us. 

The movement for bringing presence in the moment is a good philosophy, for as you recognize the perfection of every moment, that all is well in each instant, the more you are aligned with your higher true self and your true nature of being that is truly magnificent.  Yet the mind does not always want to stay present moment.  Thus as that is worked on, we encourage as the mind drifts to direct it towards those things which are positive and have you feeling good.  For it is in the state of being positive, appreciative or grateful that you are in highest alignment with that which you wish to manifest; with that which you are in your higher form. 

As you are in synch in this manner, things align faster for you.  This is how the law of attraction is often described, but we are calling it more the coincidence of vibrational attunement.  You have released that which is no longer in alignment and thus, that which is, may flow.  The better you become in your practice of feeling good, positive, appreciative, you will see and notice that things go your way more frequently. 

It is when you are holding your vibration in opposition - in fear, anger, or frustration - that your vibration is not allowing the pure form of expression to come through.  So when you’re in the moments of feeling negativity in any of its forms, allow it through and allow it to pass without holding it.  Allow it its moment of being recognized in your awareness, acknowledged, for it is not wrong to have these feelings.  But it does not serve you to hold them any longer than it takes your body and presence to process and release.  Holding yourself in judgement of these feelings does not serve you either.  Do not say that you are wrong and bad for holding negative feelings more frequently than you feel is right.  Allow your human experience and these to flow through but not to be held.  To find yourself refocused on the more beneficial as soon as you can. 

By returning your attention to the appreciation of that particular moment and the next and the next, you reprogram yourself to no longer dawdle in negativity.  Instead, you to learn to live in the new perspectives of positive – how you are able to look at a situation in a way that engenders a more positive feeling and outcome for you.

Simple, yet not always so easy to reproduce as it is to say in a written word.  This is another of the ”practices” that are talked about.  Many things simply take some practice to retrain your learning to methods that are more valuable for you.

We wish you great success in your present moment appreciation awareness exercises.  May the gifts of the Universe flow freely through you in accordance to your high vibrational state. 

With many blessings, we greet you from the beyond.

Lisa Virtue is an energy healer, medium, channel and teacher.  Her will is to serve in guiding people into the experience of their own vibrant light.  Join her at one of the following workshops or events. 

Spirit Speaks
Fri. Nov 8th, 7pm, Tao Crystals, 355 St. Laurent Blvd.
An evening of conversation with “The Other Side.”

Healing Fundamentals Workshop
Sat. Nov 23rd, 10am – 5pm, Tao Crystals, 355 St. Laurent Blvd.
Covers grounding, muscle testing, communicating with your body for healing and more as time allows.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Your True Self

Channeled by Lisa Virtue

To know who we truly are seems to be the question of the day. 
It is this search that drives many of us in our quest for enlightenment.  But what is it we are truly seeking?  What is this true self of which we speak? 

The true self by definition is that which is not false.  Many people come to recognize those things that feel false in their lives:  how they interact with others, the things they say or do, etc.   How they are feeling inside often does not align with their actions and so this is how they distinguish having a true self.  It is because they are feeling a disconnect. 

The true self is what feels right.  It is what feels good to you.  When you think about something and everything feels in alignment.  So how do you know what this true self is?  At first you come to recognize it from what it is not.  And I suggest you can use those, then, to determine what the opposite is, to assist in finding the truth. 

So determining your true self is a feeling process.  It has been a lifetime of input, which you’ve accepted, that has led you away from living fully as this true self.  Now while the true self of your pure essence is always there (it has never left) you may have disguised it, hidden it, and layered over it with any number of things. 

Why is it important to uncover this true self?  When you are feeling in alignment with your true self, you have a feeling of great joy, peace, and acceptance of what is in the world, and experiences around you.  You are authentic in your expression, there is nothing hidden, nothing left behind.  Honest and pure is what defines this.  It can feel like a great weight has been taken off of you when that which has accumulated is released or healed. 

Living as your authentic, or true self, is you fully expressing who you are from a place of knowing and self-acceptance without fear of recrimination.  Being alive and living the experience that is unique to you.  Owning that, being that, loving that.  This is why people are now becoming more interested in the “alternative practices”.  It is through this energetic and feeling way of discovering their truth that seems most accessible.  Living in that way feels good.  There is no hesitation. 

Living in our truth, we find ourselves with compassion and greater understanding of others and their particular conditions.  We come to know that life is more integrated than we imagined, by knowing who we are.  I encourage this journey of self “re-discovery”.  For people living in this way en masse would create great changes to help bring better feeling to the planet in our experiences.  So take those strides to peel the layers of accumulation away to reveal your light within.

It is my journey now to assist others in re-discovering their truth, their light.  To facilitate this shedding of that which feels false, and enable them to live their greatest, highest, best truth in integrity.  It is my honour to serve that purpose. 

If you feel called to join me in a session, a workshop or an event that calls to your heart as a possibility for unravelling some of your layers, I would be honoured to fulfil that purpose for you.

Please contact me at 613-296-4271  lisa at 
I honour the light within you as a reflection as well of the light within me.  May we all shine brightly.

Lisa Virtue is an energy healer, medium, channel and teacher.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Validating Moments

I love sharing amazing, validating moments.  One just happened and I headed straight here to share.

It might seem like a small thing but to me it was a HUGE validation of my connection with my Spirit Guides.  

I could be wrong, but I would say that the vast majority of people who talk to Spirit have times they wonder if it's just their imagination.  Even if they've had validation many, many times before.  It just comes with the territory and the nature of how it all works.

The other day, even though I don't doubt deep down, I had such a moment.  So I asked for yet more validation.  Just now I was searching for a piece of paper with information for people I need to contact.  I looked in several places I thought it would be, to no avail.  I was about to go back and look in the same places again when I remembered to ask Spirit for help.  I quickly asked out loud as I was about to head over to the first spot again.  It was a very casual asking.  A reply came to my mind telling me to look in my bag.  The only bag I could think of was my purse, which I'd checked.  I turned to look for it.  As I did so I saw a different bag I'd been carrying today.  It held the perilous high heels I'd worn earlier along with my clothes from yoga.  "Oh," I said.  "You mean this bag."  I unzipped the bag, and at the bottom, under everything, was the paper I was looking for.

Why is this validating?  Because my mind had absolutely no conscious thoughts about that bag.  It never would have occurred to me.  Even when I found the paper, I barely remembered having put it there in the first place.

The answer came so quickly and easily, and in such a way that, to me, there is no doubt where it came from.  I am so happy and feel so blessed to have such great communication with some absolutely fabulous Spirit Guides.

It makes me even happier to know that this weekend I'll be helping others to develop their connection with their own Spirit Guides.  They are such an amazing resource and support team.  I only wish everyone were so connected.  

I'll help as many people as I can along my journey.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Long Island, Manotick, Medium

Omg.  I just pulled a Teresa Caputo!  (You know, from the show Long Island Medium.)

I was at a great crystal healing workshop today, and received some powerful healings when it was my turn to be the one receiving.

After the workshop I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a salad for dinner.  I grabbed the salad and then I heard in my head that I should go and pick up some ice cream, since I was going to want it anyway.  You don't have to twist my arm very far for ice cream, so I started walking to the other side of the store.

Part way there, I felt compelled to turn down an aisle I had just passed.  I had no idea why, but I followed the impulse.  Perhaps there was something there that would be good to add to my dinner.  There was only one person in the aisle.  As I started to pass her, I had the feeling that I was supposed to give her a message from someone on the other side.  I thought "oh no, no way."  I've watched Teresa stop people at random on her show and thought it wasn't too cool to do that to unsuspecting people.  It's one thing if they come to you, but could be very upsetting to a person out of the blue.

So I decide to just keep walking.  After only a few paces, I literally could not walk any further; it was like there was a forcefield preventing me.  Now I understood why Teresa does what she does.  The feeling of not doing it would be far worse.

I haven't connected on-the-fly like that before, so had to ask who it was and what they wanted to say before I approached the woman.  I plucked up the courage and introduced myself, saying I'd never done this before and felt like I was on TV.  I told her that her uncle wanted to let her know that everything was going to be okay.  She lit up and validated that there is something in her life she needed to hear that about right now.  She seemed happy to hear it.

I left the aisle, but had to turn around and go back as I felt pulled again.  Apparently Spirit was not done.  I gave her another quick message, repeated the first one again, and was then finally allowed to leave.  Spirit said to reward myself with the ice cream.  Ha ha, thanks Uncle whoever-you-are.  :)

What an interesting life I lead.  Looks like new things are now open for me.  How exciting.

(The title is in reference to the fact I live in Manotick, which has its own Long Island.)

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Fuelling Your Fire And Lighting Your Passion

Have you felt it? Have you experienced that moment when your enthusiasm carried you away to a place of great joy almost overwhelming in its magnitude?  We all have I'm sure.  For some it may seem like a distant memory, others live it regularly.

Connecting to that intense feeling of joy is invigorating.  It catapults us out of routine, and sameness and doldrums.  Sometimes, it’s just what we need to give our life a kick-start again.

I have seen people questing for their passion with such desperation that it eludes them.  They can’t seem to find what lights them up.  As I’ve said before about desperation… it really pushes what we seek away from us.

My suggestion, if you would like to find a boost, is to try something new.  Seems obvious, I know, but try looking closer to home than you may have been.  Is someone in your family passionate about something?  Try joining them in that experience just for the heck of it.  Approach it with the wide-eyed wonder of an infant.  Remove any previously held dis-interest and come with a “beginner’s mind”, open to discovering a new experience.

Let them lead you with their joy.  Let their enthusiasm be catching.  You will see how they are enlivened by this thing they enjoy so much.

While their thing may not become your thing, you’ve at least stepped out of your routine, taken an open wonder approach and shared in someone’s passionate energy.  Now look around you for something that catches your interest even a bit and give it a try.  Step in to something new and see what you feel.  Holding lightly to the idea of simply trying new things without the pressure of having to find the one perfect passion removes the desperation.  Then you’ll find yourself having joyful experiences.  You may discover something that gives you that feeling of excitement, or you may find you are now simply open to experiencing joy in a new way, and more regularly.  The intensity is not sustainable, but being open to joy certainly is.

I experienced the rush of exhilaration recently in an unexpected place.  My husband has always enjoyed cars.  A few years ago he discovered lapping, taking his car on the racetrack and driving around at top speed.  Yet there is more to it than pedal to the metal.  There is a learning curve to understanding the angles involved in optimal cornering and all the intricacies of how the car handles, as well as your own comfort level.

I had no interest in cars; this was his new thing.  Over time, as I listened to him enthusiastically recount his experiences, sat next to him as he watched racing videos, and dutifully joined him at the track on occasion to watch, I found my curiosity growing. 

This year it was time for me to retire my long faithful car and I was fortunate enough to get the sporty car I had always wanted.  It’s beautiful.  However now my brain was open to a wider experience of “car” – actually doing something with it beyond commuting. 

I looked in to lapping with my husband, but without modifications my car did not qualify.  Undeterred, I found something called Autocross.  A twisty, turny course set up with pylons in a large parking lot where your car handling skills are tested zipping around as fast as you can.

On the surface this does not seem like something a peaceful, calm, energy-healing woman would even care to contemplate.  However, I took my wonder with me and gave it a try.  It was exhilarating.  I felt so alive and in joy.  I was playing with my new car in a safe space and discovering that my fears dropped quickly as I learned how to control it.  I was able to push farther and faster than I could have imagined and felt so empowered. 

I was delighted to find my self eagerly waiting for my next turn despite having been drenched in a downpour.  As I stood there in pants that felt as if I’d just pulled them from the washer, I thought how different a Sunday I was having.  Instead of the regular dull routine, here I was in what felt like another world of pavement and pylons, sports cars everywhere.  

Yet there I was, enlivened.

Lisa Virtue is an Energy Healer, Medium, and Teacher.
Formerly known by Right Path Healing, Lisa can now be found as Lisa Virtue – connect – heal – grow.
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Thursday, 13 June 2013

3 Summer Workshops. Connect...

I'm offering 3 fantastic workshops this Summer.  
The first one is this Saturday, so get signed up immediately for that one!  Call me at 613-296-4271.

Self Healing

   Saturday, June 15, 2013
       Time:   9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Location:   Lisa Virtue Studio, 66 Muriel Street, Suite 210a, Ottawa
       Limit:   8 people
Taking your health into your own hands is such an empowering thing!

connecting with your body in a new way, you will learn to communicate with it and interpret the messages it sends you.  Discover what the body needs from you in order to heal.
You will also be introduced to the life changing skill of deeply grounding and why it is imperative to our wellbeing.
Your body can help you in so many ways you could not imagine.  We’ll delve in to applied kinesiology (muscle testing) and tap in to a great resource of information you didn’t know was at your fingertips.
The skills you'll learn will be valued tools used throughout your lifetime.

Connect Through Nature
        Date:   Friday June 21st (p.m.) or Saturday, June 22, 2013 (a.m.)
   (weather and group preference dependant)
       Time:   late afternoon Friday or morning Saturday
Location:   Gatineau Park
Join Lisa for a brief stroll as she guides you along a beautiful forest trail.  As you begin to de-stress and unwind, you will learn to tune in more deeply to the nature that surrounds you, and connect to its wisdom.
This is a very peaceful practice, settling your mind and energy in the now, while opening you to greater insights. 
A beautiful alternative, or addition to, standard meditation.

Connect with your Spirit Guides

   Saturday, July 6 & Sunday July 7, 2013
       Time:   9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Location:   Lisa Virtue Studio, 66 Muriel Street, Suite 210a, Ottawa
       Limit:   8 people
This workshop was conceived by Spirit Guides who wish to reveal the simple steps you can take to connect with your own Guides.  
Spirit Guides can help you make choices that will serve you and your purpose here, bringing you joy and fulfillment. They encourage you towards that which is best for your soul and in alignment with the experience you wished to have here on Earth.
Past participants thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.  Here is a little of what they had to say:
"Lisa Virtue's Spirit Guide Workshop gave me many tools to help understand and to connect with the spirit world. The exercises practiced in session increased my awareness and yielded immediate results. New to these practices, I felt safe and left with a desire to continue to discover new dimensions." – C.W. of Ottawa
“Hi Lisa. You possess a truly rare gift - the ability to connect with everyone on a deep, spiritual level. Thanks again for all your help. I left your workshop filled with immense gratitude! "  –  L.C of Ottawa”