Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Fuelling Your Fire And Lighting Your Passion

Have you felt it? Have you experienced that moment when your enthusiasm carried you away to a place of great joy almost overwhelming in its magnitude?  We all have I'm sure.  For some it may seem like a distant memory, others live it regularly.

Connecting to that intense feeling of joy is invigorating.  It catapults us out of routine, and sameness and doldrums.  Sometimes, it’s just what we need to give our life a kick-start again.

I have seen people questing for their passion with such desperation that it eludes them.  They can’t seem to find what lights them up.  As I’ve said before about desperation… it really pushes what we seek away from us.

My suggestion, if you would like to find a boost, is to try something new.  Seems obvious, I know, but try looking closer to home than you may have been.  Is someone in your family passionate about something?  Try joining them in that experience just for the heck of it.  Approach it with the wide-eyed wonder of an infant.  Remove any previously held dis-interest and come with a “beginner’s mind”, open to discovering a new experience.

Let them lead you with their joy.  Let their enthusiasm be catching.  You will see how they are enlivened by this thing they enjoy so much.

While their thing may not become your thing, you’ve at least stepped out of your routine, taken an open wonder approach and shared in someone’s passionate energy.  Now look around you for something that catches your interest even a bit and give it a try.  Step in to something new and see what you feel.  Holding lightly to the idea of simply trying new things without the pressure of having to find the one perfect passion removes the desperation.  Then you’ll find yourself having joyful experiences.  You may discover something that gives you that feeling of excitement, or you may find you are now simply open to experiencing joy in a new way, and more regularly.  The intensity is not sustainable, but being open to joy certainly is.

I experienced the rush of exhilaration recently in an unexpected place.  My husband has always enjoyed cars.  A few years ago he discovered lapping, taking his car on the racetrack and driving around at top speed.  Yet there is more to it than pedal to the metal.  There is a learning curve to understanding the angles involved in optimal cornering and all the intricacies of how the car handles, as well as your own comfort level.

I had no interest in cars; this was his new thing.  Over time, as I listened to him enthusiastically recount his experiences, sat next to him as he watched racing videos, and dutifully joined him at the track on occasion to watch, I found my curiosity growing. 

This year it was time for me to retire my long faithful car and I was fortunate enough to get the sporty car I had always wanted.  It’s beautiful.  However now my brain was open to a wider experience of “car” – actually doing something with it beyond commuting. 

I looked in to lapping with my husband, but without modifications my car did not qualify.  Undeterred, I found something called Autocross.  A twisty, turny course set up with pylons in a large parking lot where your car handling skills are tested zipping around as fast as you can.

On the surface this does not seem like something a peaceful, calm, energy-healing woman would even care to contemplate.  However, I took my wonder with me and gave it a try.  It was exhilarating.  I felt so alive and in joy.  I was playing with my new car in a safe space and discovering that my fears dropped quickly as I learned how to control it.  I was able to push farther and faster than I could have imagined and felt so empowered. 

I was delighted to find my self eagerly waiting for my next turn despite having been drenched in a downpour.  As I stood there in pants that felt as if I’d just pulled them from the washer, I thought how different a Sunday I was having.  Instead of the regular dull routine, here I was in what felt like another world of pavement and pylons, sports cars everywhere.  

Yet there I was, enlivened.

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  2. Here is a link to the Motorsports Club of Ottawa if you're interested in playing with your car. :) http://www.mco.org