Monday, 3 June 2013

A Little Help From Above

It pays in big ways and in small ways to be in touch with your helpers in the spirit realm.

Thought I'd share a quick story as an example.
I had marked in my calendar that today was the day to renegotiate one of my bills.  So before I got on the phone, I got myself in a good-feeling state, grounded, and asked my spirit helpers / set the intention that this would go smoothly and easily, that the person I talked to would be very helpful and that I would get the best price I could get - lower than the current price, or at worst the same price. (I had already been receiving a limited-time discount.)

While I was chatting with the very nice and helpful person, it was seeming like they may not be able to discount the bill any further.  So I asked Spirit to have them suddenly find a discount that could be applied to me.  I had the feeling that they would - even if it was one that would only happen to show up for me at this time.

The call continued with my price ending up staying as it was.  I hung up and felt okay that at least it wasn't increasing.  I walked back to my desk and a few seconds later received a voicemail.  It was the person I had been speaking with calling to say they had just found a discount they could apply to me, and since I didn't need to do anything to make it happen, they were just going to apply it to the bill right away.

So I publicly now say thank you to my spirit helpers and the person I was speaking with for answering my request.  I so appreciate the love and caring the spirit world has for us all, and that my helpers love me and do their best to help me however they can.  I also acknowledge myself and my role, that by making the effort to align my energy and truly believe the best would occur, I participated actively in the allowing.

So don't hesitate to call on your guides and angels.  They are ready to help you if you ask them.  Then allow the love to flow so that you are as in alignment as you can be to receive.

Great blessings to all of you.

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