Monday, 4 November 2013

Yes or No?

I had an interesting experience recently that you may find as insightful for you as it was for me. 

A couple of years ago a friend started teaching a course that I was very interested in.  I was so excited to take it.  Of course I first checked in with muscle testing and my spirit guides.  I was disappointed to repeatedly get the answer "no" no matter how often I asked.  So I listened and did not sign up.  Every time the course was offered again I would ask, and receive a "no".  I settled in to the idea that there was something not in my highest good and so was okay with that.

Well, the course came up again recently and out of habit, but no expectation, I asked.  To my surprise the answer was "yes".  When I talked to my spirit guides about this the answer was that if I had taken the course previously I was at risk of blindly following someone else's way.  At this time I am now well established in my path and confident in how I do things.  Now I am able to take the course to add tools to my healing toolkit as well as see how someone else approaches doing some of the things I'm already doing.  Seeing it from a different perspective and deciding if there are elements I'd like to incorporate or not.  The group of people is also a perfect match.  As always, I'm glad I trusted.

Do you use your inner guidance or check in with your guides before you make a decision?  If you do, are you able to trust and follow what you receive?  

How about when you participate in a learning environment?  Sometimes when you're first starting it's okay to just follow along.  At some point though you can take ownership of what you've learned and make it your own.  Claim your power instead of giving it away.  Then the courses you take truly become professional development (whether you do it for work or personal).  You begin consciously adding the tools you like and integrating them with awareness.

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