Monday, 4 November 2013

Creative Manifesting

Channelled by Lisa Virtue

This is a time for giving thanks for all that we have, all that we are and all that soon will come.  The blessings of the past may be in our awareness, as long as they lift us. 

The movement for bringing presence in the moment is a good philosophy, for as you recognize the perfection of every moment, that all is well in each instant, the more you are aligned with your higher true self and your true nature of being that is truly magnificent.  Yet the mind does not always want to stay present moment.  Thus as that is worked on, we encourage as the mind drifts to direct it towards those things which are positive and have you feeling good.  For it is in the state of being positive, appreciative or grateful that you are in highest alignment with that which you wish to manifest; with that which you are in your higher form. 

As you are in synch in this manner, things align faster for you.  This is how the law of attraction is often described, but we are calling it more the coincidence of vibrational attunement.  You have released that which is no longer in alignment and thus, that which is, may flow.  The better you become in your practice of feeling good, positive, appreciative, you will see and notice that things go your way more frequently. 

It is when you are holding your vibration in opposition - in fear, anger, or frustration - that your vibration is not allowing the pure form of expression to come through.  So when you’re in the moments of feeling negativity in any of its forms, allow it through and allow it to pass without holding it.  Allow it its moment of being recognized in your awareness, acknowledged, for it is not wrong to have these feelings.  But it does not serve you to hold them any longer than it takes your body and presence to process and release.  Holding yourself in judgement of these feelings does not serve you either.  Do not say that you are wrong and bad for holding negative feelings more frequently than you feel is right.  Allow your human experience and these to flow through but not to be held.  To find yourself refocused on the more beneficial as soon as you can. 

By returning your attention to the appreciation of that particular moment and the next and the next, you reprogram yourself to no longer dawdle in negativity.  Instead, you to learn to live in the new perspectives of positive – how you are able to look at a situation in a way that engenders a more positive feeling and outcome for you.

Simple, yet not always so easy to reproduce as it is to say in a written word.  This is another of the ”practices” that are talked about.  Many things simply take some practice to retrain your learning to methods that are more valuable for you.

We wish you great success in your present moment appreciation awareness exercises.  May the gifts of the Universe flow freely through you in accordance to your high vibrational state. 

With many blessings, we greet you from the beyond.

Lisa Virtue is an energy healer, medium, channel and teacher.  Her will is to serve in guiding people into the experience of their own vibrant light.  Join her at one of the following workshops or events. 

Spirit Speaks
Fri. Nov 8th, 7pm, Tao Crystals, 355 St. Laurent Blvd.
An evening of conversation with “The Other Side.”

Healing Fundamentals Workshop
Sat. Nov 23rd, 10am – 5pm, Tao Crystals, 355 St. Laurent Blvd.
Covers grounding, muscle testing, communicating with your body for healing and more as time allows.

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