Sunday, 22 September 2013

Your True Self

Channeled by Lisa Virtue

To know who we truly are seems to be the question of the day. 
It is this search that drives many of us in our quest for enlightenment.  But what is it we are truly seeking?  What is this true self of which we speak? 

The true self by definition is that which is not false.  Many people come to recognize those things that feel false in their lives:  how they interact with others, the things they say or do, etc.   How they are feeling inside often does not align with their actions and so this is how they distinguish having a true self.  It is because they are feeling a disconnect. 

The true self is what feels right.  It is what feels good to you.  When you think about something and everything feels in alignment.  So how do you know what this true self is?  At first you come to recognize it from what it is not.  And I suggest you can use those, then, to determine what the opposite is, to assist in finding the truth. 

So determining your true self is a feeling process.  It has been a lifetime of input, which you’ve accepted, that has led you away from living fully as this true self.  Now while the true self of your pure essence is always there (it has never left) you may have disguised it, hidden it, and layered over it with any number of things. 

Why is it important to uncover this true self?  When you are feeling in alignment with your true self, you have a feeling of great joy, peace, and acceptance of what is in the world, and experiences around you.  You are authentic in your expression, there is nothing hidden, nothing left behind.  Honest and pure is what defines this.  It can feel like a great weight has been taken off of you when that which has accumulated is released or healed. 

Living as your authentic, or true self, is you fully expressing who you are from a place of knowing and self-acceptance without fear of recrimination.  Being alive and living the experience that is unique to you.  Owning that, being that, loving that.  This is why people are now becoming more interested in the “alternative practices”.  It is through this energetic and feeling way of discovering their truth that seems most accessible.  Living in that way feels good.  There is no hesitation. 

Living in our truth, we find ourselves with compassion and greater understanding of others and their particular conditions.  We come to know that life is more integrated than we imagined, by knowing who we are.  I encourage this journey of self “re-discovery”.  For people living in this way en masse would create great changes to help bring better feeling to the planet in our experiences.  So take those strides to peel the layers of accumulation away to reveal your light within.

It is my journey now to assist others in re-discovering their truth, their light.  To facilitate this shedding of that which feels false, and enable them to live their greatest, highest, best truth in integrity.  It is my honour to serve that purpose. 

If you feel called to join me in a session, a workshop or an event that calls to your heart as a possibility for unravelling some of your layers, I would be honoured to fulfil that purpose for you.

Please contact me at 613-296-4271  lisa at 
I honour the light within you as a reflection as well of the light within me.  May we all shine brightly.

Lisa Virtue is an energy healer, medium, channel and teacher.

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