Thursday, 2 April 2015


Channelled by Lisa Virtue

It is our great pleasure to come through to you today in this method of channelled writings dictated from audio. We come to assist you in this way for the purpose of connecting your Higher Self to your physical self in an improved manner. You are all bearers of Higher Self energy, yet it is the diminished flowing and allowing of that higher guidance that is the root of much suffering. What we wish to express is that you are loved and, at some level, know you are loved by the Universe. Yet how do you bring that into your current physical experience? Following your heart seems beneficial yet how does one allow oneself to be present with it?

First we will state that there are many roads that lead to a greater connection. Part of connecting is when you feel a particular path that you are attracted to, that resonates for you, that feels like the right one. Then you have already begun consciously connecting with that higher understanding. Knowing who you are is also sought. Yet there is nothing outside of you. So many words spoken to draw you to your truth, yet they are but symbols. Which combination will be the ones to trigger your own self-discovery and awareness?

Lisa's current approach is helping others root out deep-held beliefs that are limiting, that are contrary to allowing their full expression, who they truly are. This has worked very well for many, many people. Getting to the bottom of why one is holding one's self back can be a very liberating experience, life-changing in fact. So this is her method at this time for liberating people from their own blocks. She is also allowing this channelling, and we have dictated several articles to help you discover yourself.

What is most important is that you are aware that simply choosing your method of approach to self-discovery is part of allowing that greater truth to come through. So we say that all is already within you, meaning you already are all that you seek, yet you have amnesia. How do you wish to clear some of that? Perhaps you are primed and ready to drop it all at this moment. To simply leap into a new sense of being. You don't need all of the procedures, you are ready to go. Where do you feel you are? How close are you to releasing? Are you able to 'drop-shift' as we would say, or do you think you would benefit by a little coaching along the way? Some assistance with guiding you to discover your limiting thoughts, the energies offering resistance. You have a magazine here filled with people offering their assistance, what permission slip do you need for change? Start by tuning in to your heart, your gut, your intuition, your feeling of what resonates most for you at this time. Each time you practice tuning in for your answers in this way, you are increasing your shift. You are connecting with your inner-knowing. You are allowing.

Those of you who often read this magazine may feel you are beyond the scope of these words. That you have experienced much so far. We ask you to check within and see how these words we have written connect with you at this time. What is it there is to learn or reinforce, hidden in the depths of this article? If you followed the three lessons over the past months, again are you one who said “I already know” and skipped? Or did you take the opportunity to go back to the basics, the fundamentals? It is imperative that the foundation of your inquiry be secure. That even if you operate assisting others, that you too are reinforcing your foundations regularly. For it can be easy to move so far ahead that you drop off those basic, grounding, connection lessons. So asses for yourself where you feel you are at and how you are ready to proceed. Connect, connect, connect.

You are loved beyond measure. Know that.
Your Divine helpers in Spirit.

Lisa Virtue offers several healing modalities to assist you in your re-aligning with your true self. She may help you in any number of ways.
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