Thursday, 2 April 2015

Self-Discovery Lessons - Guidance From Spirit - Lesson Two

It is in highest good to know yourself more fully, so that you may live more fully in life. Coming into alignment with your true nature, the essence of who you are in truth, brings you clarity, peace and even joy. This lesson is about how to commune more readily with that aspect of you that is your greater conscious awareness.

First settle yourself as you did last month with the grounding, the connecting through to all the parts of yourself. We hope you have developed a greater familiarity with your essence of energetic substance in physical form.

So bring yourself into that settled state of grounding, and now you are continuing to turn inward, looking for that area within that feels like the home of your true self, your true essence, the heart of you. The truth of who you are. Often this is in the chest region or sometimes the solar plexus. It will vary for each person.

This exercise and all that we will teach you, are best accomplished by refraining from analysing. Allow yourself to go with that which comes to you naturally. Refrain from over-thinking, please.

Moving in to this heart-space, bringing your awareness into this central area, allow yourself to penetrate deeper within your conscious self to a place of automatic knowing, auto-feeling. Ask your inner self the following question: “Who am I today?” 'Who am I', is a question that allows you access to your inner knowing through the feeling sense of what is true. Allow the feeling of the answer to come forth. You may feel a variety of aspects. The conscious aspect that has trials and tribulations. But there is also an awareness underlying this, a deeper knowing that you are truly more than your accomplishments and failures, your struggles and gains.

Sit in this style of meditative reflection for a time. Noticing that part that feels whole. That part that knows it is complete. That part familiar with pure love. For it resides in each and every one of you. That spark of light in some may feel or seem to be dim, with the burdens of life, yet there it is deep within. Others shine brightly knowing full well their magnificence as a spirit, as a being. Draw your attention to this which we call your light within, this knowing of your truth, your true self. Focus on this and allow it to expand in your awareness, weeding out negative thoughts, distracting things. Returning to this awareness, letting it grow, letting it expand and fill more of your awareness, your attention.

Become now familiar with this over the next month. Practice daily, if you will, establishing this connection. You may explore it more if you feel you are ready and able, but at least do your best to find, to establish a connection to this true nature part of your essence. From there we will develop further, next time, as we deepen your connection and discovery of your self, and of all that you can be capable. Harnessing the power within, through slow but steady efforts in self-discovery.

I encourage you in this practice of self-discovery, for as you build the base through these fundamentals all will come more readily for you. As you commit to your own development, you will reap wonderful rewards.

With an encouraging tone, we bid you happy practice and great joy.
With unending love for you,
Your Divine Spirit Helpers and Lisa

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