Thursday, 2 April 2015

Message From Archangel Gabriel

Channelled by Lisa Virtue

It is a time now of shifting, of purging that which has felt inconsistent with your ability to be in your grace, and joy. You may have found in the past brief time period, that you have encountered some challenges on your physical, mental and emotional lives - coming out strong for some. Your resonance, the vibration that makes up who you are, is coming into a new era of enlightened living. It is an era that encompasses the shifting in to acceptance of ourselves, of who we are as spirit beings in a human experience on Earth. This time has been long in coming. Eras have come and gone, making slow progress over time to this ramped-up-feeling energy period. So, many shifts have taken place in the last several years that have also felt strong. This is continuing as you exponentially come in to this shift. Now it's a time to finalize the purgings of the most recent time period. To shed the weight of the past.

As you step forward into this new time you can choose now to experience life in a greater way. Your greater ability to sense is maturing. Many, such as Lisa, have come into full connection with Spirit and themselves and perceiving energy in forms and ways that have not been expressed greatly in the past. Many others of you are starting to come into a new recognition of what life can hold for you. How you can be in this world in a way that is more pleasing, and feels like it is truthful to your purpose and your chosen life experiences. So I wish to encourage you to investigate the parts that are feeling uncomfortable yet. To get in there with a little brush to clean them out. For you are really in a time period now that I would like to term as “blossoming”. Yet with a blossom comes shift. Change happens. From that tight bud of the rose, it opens - metamorphoses into something bigger, greater, grander, more expressive of its inner nature. But it must undergo a shift – a change. So what you have been feeling, and what you may continue in for the next period is that opening, and if you have yourself set against change, mentally or physically, you'll find that you suffer more. Your choice is to accept what is.

If you are able to be in the understanding that the changes occurring for you are part of you opening into a new, greater, beautiful expression of who you truly are, then you will find it easier to allow it to pass through, to allow it its moment. I recommend instead of resisting change, to create turmoil through resistance, that you find, however you may, an acceptance. If you can even bring your heart into some joy, knowing that this is you coming more into a greater expression of your true self, then this will encourage you forward and help the shift be easier.

Now what can you expect in this new era? Well, expect that many more people will be opening to the concept of love as serving them best. To open to the communities of those expressing in this way. To be curious about their extra abilities for sensing, for understanding, for compassion. The urge to bring others forward as well will become stronger. To help those who feel pain to know a greater truth about themselves. You're now helping those who have resisted to come less into resistance and more into acceptance.

Those of you of the majority reading this article will know that you are part of the team to help more through. So accept that you are here to change not only yourselves, but to assist others when they are at the appropriate time for their own shift. You needn't force anyone. Allow them to come into that expression at the appropriate moment.

So live your lives, dear ones, knowing you are expanding as beings every moment. That you are witnessing a creation beyond the scope of simple human lives. There is a greater energy to this time period. You all have wonderful, loving supporters in the realms unseen, guiding you, supporting and helping you in the ways they can best do so. Ask for their assistance as you feel the need. Pray or speak to them as you wish. Feel and know that they are loving you always. You can connect to this when you wish by sinking into your heart, knowing this thought that they are there loving you, and practicing allowing your heart to open and accept this great love.

You are all blessed on this day as you read, from we in spirit, from myself as the Archangel Gabriel, coming to help mankind in their own true-self ascension time. With great love we cherish, respect and honour you in your Earth-time journey. A heart-felt, deep, core-centred blessing to you.

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