Friday, 5 June 2015


Channelled by Lisa Virtue
Note: Each line was spoken by a different voice.

Dear Ones, we come into your lives so that you may know joy, peace and serenity. Now. In this expression of who you are.
We come to join you in harmony, peace, loving friendship.
We are part of you and you of us.
We sing together, this joyous life.
Let us be part of your friendship.
Bring us in to your life more fully now.
Let the resistance ease, and flow this new peace, stillness, calm resoluteness to flow.
Know the support lies within you, as we do, are.
We are whole, you and us/we. Eternally one.
So this means...
we are grateful...
at home...
forever with you, a part of you.
And you us.
Let that peaceful notion wash over you.
Allow yourself to steep.
Know that as one with all...
nothing evades you.
All has purpose.
All is known on some level.
Deep respect lies within our (and your) hearts
for all that is.
For experience.
Knowing. Trusting. Believing, having faith
that all is as it shall be.
We are one,
so know that love is what exists.
Love is the driving force of creation.
Nothing matters in essence but love.
Use this to guide you, your thoughts, ways, being.
Know that your light within you beats fast and furious for all mankind,
all creation.
It is the light, the spark of all.
This segmented message is delivered, each part, by a conscious aspect of awareness. Within you. For you. By you. Of you. Whole or in part, take the words you wish and leave them where your soul can dwell on them fully.
We are one, and we wish to know you more fully in conscious appreciation of the aspect of all that you create in your separate state of chosen awareness, here.
Dearest ones. We are. Know that you too can be, access and know more fully your conscious connection of greater awareness.

Peace lies within you, always. Know you are Love.

The many aspects of experience that is you.

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