Thursday, 2 April 2015

Self-Discovery Lessons - Guidance from Spirit - Lesson Three

The lesson that starts off this new year is about learning to express who you truly are. You are a divine being of light, certainly.  However you are here as a human being with this beautiful essence as a soul and the challenge is to allow that true you to flow through and outward into expression, into the world.

So in the other lessons you have become grounded and familiar with your physicality.  You have become more connected to your inner truth.  And now it is about combining all of these and learning to release your spirit into humanity's presence.  You can express in so many ways. What we ask here is for you to attempt and practice allowing that inner voice to be expressed - not to be held down or stifled.

Put aside your fears of judgments, of what others may think about who you truly are - expressing. What you can fall back on for yourself in this regard, is that what others truly are looking for is your authenticity. Each person truly at some level wishes they could simply express exactly who they are and not be judged. So now you lead by example, letting out that which you feel within, of who you are.  Let it be seen.  Be proud, be happy that you can express your unique take on the world. As you express, you must coat it in love. This means you are coming from that inner realm, that inner place of truth, where you are loving yourself. So as a natural byproduct, how you express is most likely to be in a positive manner. But if you are feeling that you wish to express emotions that have a harsh edge to them, we ask that you take pause, tune in to your truth, and find expression that is respectful of others, that is coated in love and compassion.  Bring that understanding that everyone has their own challenges and only knows what they know, and only can do and be how they are.

So the self-discovery here is discovering how you can express that inner voice, that inner truth, that which feels aligned to you, in a way that feels good not only to yourself, but is not harsh on others. This does not mean that you have to agree with others or share space with them or allow them to be negative towards you. It is a practice in expressing from a state of love, from a state of compassion and understanding. So do what you must to keep yourself in a safe space. But try setting yourself free. Try new ways of expressing. Play with your spirit and your inner voice and allow it more freedom, more expression. Allow the vulnerability that comes with this. Yet feel how aligned it is. Feel how good it feels when you do express from your true self.  

Now Dear Ones, go, be your authentic self. Love who you are and the world will reflect that to you. You will begin attracting like energies. 

Have fun Dear Ones. With love we are with you, guiding you and helping you in your every day. 

Your blessed helpers,

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