Thursday, 2 April 2015

Love In The New Dimension

Channelled by Lisa Virtue

We are speaking today as a team, to connect you with those of us who wish you nothing but peace and happiness for your lives, as you desire. Through love we guide and assist, shaping your world with you into one where you can express your inner most voice, your passions and desires, your beliefs, your thoughts, your beauty.

All are here for their various reasons. Yet the one constant is love. Love presides through all things. A deficiency of awareness, or focus to love can be felt in many situations. Other times it fills you, it surrounds you, it exudes out of you in such beautiful manner. Up and down and all around are shades of love. Coming forth into a new reality, a new dimension of space and time, you are to feel more, to connect more openly with each other. To fuel your passion with the understanding of the value of expression. And yet you will be coming more from a state of communion and connection, and so expression comes in beautiful ways.

So this new raising of your consciousness to the level that's coming is to be heralded, in a way, with the awareness more intensely of the love that resides in all things.

So come in to your hearts. Come and hear your inner voice and follow that lead to and through all interactions, whether they be brief or longer term. Find your way to accept those as they are, and to assist in changes as they require, or ask, yet holding yourself free from judging. You are able to assess and make distinctions, and, yes, even preferences, but judging implies that there is a mistake. Something considered completely incorrect. Learning happens through all stages. And so what is not right for you has not become that for another. Help them to grow as they wish, from a place of peaceful acceptance and encouragement towards their own heart-centre self-expression. What you witness when another is aggressive, or demeaning, or negative in a way that you do not prefer, is that there's an element you are exploring that needs some clarification and there is an aspect of them as well, exploring this. So together you can find new perspectives, through an approach coming from the heart-centre this time around.

As you travel dimensionally through vibrational space-time, you'll find you come in to new ways of being that feel somewhat uncomfortable or foreign. At first there is time needed to adapt, but you will progress quickly, in time, to a new comfort level of this feeling-from-the-heart business.

So, an awareness now you've been given of this shift that's occurring, and we welcome you to the trans-dimensional state of affairs. To help you enjoy your transition more readily, more fully, connect inward. Find that still space within to reside calmly. Bring your awareness within and allow the guidance that comes for you that feels peaceful and natural, to assist you on your way, on your new path in this new reality.

With great love, we are here as your helpers, in, of, as spirits.

Lisa Virtue is a trans-dimensional light worker who connects readily with other realms. She is a guide for those who need assistance in their transitioning. Ask her for assistance if you need. Come to her when you have questions. You may find her energy tuning alleviates some symptoms of transition. She assists in finding your vibrational alignment more in tune with this progression.
Phone: 613-296-4271 Email: Lisa [at] Web: FB:
Live your authentic life.

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