Friday, 31 October 2014

Teachings from Spirit - Lesson One

Guidance from Spirit
Channelled by Lisa Virtue

Lesson One

We are Lisa's team of helpers and are here to help you as well, through her channellings.
We would like to start a path of self-discovery with you, if you wish to join us on this extended journey.

I am Annabelle and will initiate this series of lessons.

First, please take a deep breath and settle yourselves into a state of calm relaxation. If you are in a hurry with pressing matters, this is not the time to do this exercise. Carve out a segment of time just for yourself, to do this.

Very well. We will start with rooting your energy into the Earth's field. Seek this connection to establish how you relate to that which is around you.

Start with a deep breath in, following the air with your conscious attention down through your body. Feeling it as it penetrates the different portions. Extend the reach of the energy that comes with the breath, through your active visualizations. Consciously directing that energy through the vital organs, through the parts that connect you together, through the muscles and the tissues and the bones. Feeling energy inhaled to each region so that you better identify each of the sections that are your body. This should bring a more settled and flowing feeling.

It is not always mandatory to go further in grounding than this, as you are part of the Earth. Created by its molecules. If this exercise has you feeling the need for further rooting, there are many different methods that people have expressed which may suit you. We have guided Lisa with a more extensive visualization which she has available for you online. She also coaches personalized methods channelled from we helpers that is best suited for you, which you can take advantage of if you visit her for an appointment.

This is the basic groundwork to further self-discovery. We recommend you practice this for the month of November. Making note the changes you feel when you do this and any shifts of awareness that come over this time period. Having practiced extensively through the month, your next steps then become easier and flow more freely.

Welcome to this journey together. Great love and appreciation for you, from we here as Spirit Helpers.

Namasté. Blessings to you all,
Annabelle and her friends

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