Saturday, 29 March 2014


by Spirit via Lisa Virtue

We would like to speak to you today about channeling. How and why this method can be used for communicating between realms – Spirt and physical.

This is a possibility as you are attuned to the vibration / frequency to receive our channeled thoughts. We attune our frequency to align best with that receiver within, that Lisa has attuned to a particular mode, or vibration, or “station” as you will. We have learned this and attuned to it so that she may receive our thoughts.

Receiving our thoughts is one part of this equation, but the channeling comes with her allowing we, here in our state of existence, to utilize her physicality to create vocalizations. We do also use physicality to type and have used handwriting in the past as well. These were development tools towards the speaking. Right now Lisa is allowing us to download our thoughts and speak them out loud through her voice, which she is recording and will transcribe after.

While everyone has the faculty to channel, not everyone is perhaps prepared to do so. There is self-knowing and understanding that is ideal to have before starting. There is discernment needed to understand who and what is being allowed to transmit. Safety and security are paramount, but the ability is resident in each human, as is the ability to heal with energy. Latent in all, yet underdeveloped in many.

Why do we come through with Lisa? Lisa allows us to speak about topics which are beneficial for many people. We wish to assist humans in their journeys on Earth to come into alignment with their positive, joyful selves, that they feel harmony in life. This is possible for many and we enjoy assisting in this manner. We wish to encourage you to seek out that which vibrates in alignment with your true essence so that you may know more fully who you truly are on this physical plane.

We wish to invite you to join us at our live presentation where you may speak with us directly. Present questions and we will respond. You may also access these soon via audio recording.

Find, Dear Ones, what aligns with your heart, your true selves. This is all we are encouraging you towards, as it is the essence of all.

With great love from we here in Spirit, we send to you healing and aligning energy. Please receive it as you read. Great blessings.

Until next time,

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We wish you many blessings. Namasté.

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