Monday, 19 March 2012

Feeling is Knowing

I had a flash of insight the other day when finishing my shower.  It was that I had been thinking instead of feeling.  It seemed to me in that moment that thinking is the rational way to experience, when we have cut ourself off from using feeling perceptions.
Feeling is knowing.  Thinking and logic is surmising.
This is very clear when I give healing sessions.  In fact, in Archangel Gabriel's lesson to me he guided me to feel the energy to know what state it was in and how I could heal it.  Using a tool to determine the energy state simply did not give me the depth of information that feeling the energy did.  
If we relearn how to use this sense / connection ability and teach it to our children - or reinforce it really since it's an innate possibility for them - they will easily do it.  But be ready for big changes. :)

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