Monday, 12 March 2012

Archangel School. Day 3. Archangel Michael

I was hoping school would continue.  Funny, that's not something I ever remember saying as a kid.  lol.  But it's certainly true now.  Especially this school.  Archangel School!

Today I had the same client for energy healing as I did on my first day of school with Archangel Metatron.  So I was hoping the teachings would continue.  I wasn't disappointed.  Before the session I called on Archangels Metatron and Gabriel, as well as asking who else might be interested in teaching me today.  I heard Archangel Michael.  So I called on him too.

The session progressed quietly for quite a while, but I held out hope that he would come.  I got to the area that I had healed with Metatron and checked in on it.  I could see that a little bit of darker energy had appeared in one spot, so asked Metatron to help me heal it.  He was there, but more like a supervisory coach.  I remembered my lesson and healed the area.  I moved on and a new angel appeared to help with the heart chakra.  It had such a beautiful, soft energy; very loving and comforting.  I helped the angel to infuse energy from the client's highest self into her being via her heart.  This seemed like a very unusual thing to me - not your every day occurrence.  The client and I both agreed we'd love to have our highest selves infused completely in our whole being.  But hey, any little bit is fantastic.

It wasn't until I reached the 6th chakra that Archangel Michael made himself fully known.  He uncovered something I needed to extract, and then told me he would teach me once I had finished the entire healing.  I completed the healing and he made his presence known again.  Before the client left the table, he showed me how to heal, repair and strengthen her aura.  I mimicked him and ran my hands along the aura, feeling for places in need.  Then I followed how he closed the holes, smoothed it and then sent energy shooting across the aura in a wonderful glowing light.  I could feel that the aura was now whole and stronger and protecting. It absolutely glowed.

I am thoroughly enjoying my lessons and hope to meet many new teachers as well the ones who have blessed me with their knowledge and love so far.

To great things!

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