Thursday, 8 March 2012

Blessing Himalayan Bath Salts

They're here!  
Blessed Himalayan Bath Salts are now available for purchase from Right Path Healing.

These salts are so amazing!  I just have to tell you about them. This is a blog after all.
Last summer I received a healing from a wonderful shaman (or is that shawoman?  haha) It was a substantial journey with big healing, so she recommended that I take it easy the rest of the day, being calm and peaceful.  She also recommended that I soak in a tub with Himalayan salt, it would help my energy and is very soothing.  She wasn't kidding.

I was in that tub for 3 hours!  I didn't want to get out, I was feeling so amazing.  I had been feeling the repercussions of the healing - head woozy, depleted energy, a little spacey, that kind of thing.  When I got out of the tub I felt completely together, clear and energized.  It was an interesting and wonderful feeling being both energized and peaceful at the same time. Needless to say, I was hooked and Himalayan salt became a staple after big healings.

Once I started my own energy healing practice I would recommend clients to soak in the salts after a session.  I realized it would be more convenient if I had them available instead of sending people around town trying to find a large enough quantity at a good price.  Voila, that is now a reality.

Of course, I couldn't just leave it at that.  My salts had to be extra special.  So I called in all of the angels and we did a very strong and powerful blessing.  A blessing for healing, and so much more.  It was a long blessing session and, as sometimes happens when I'm really connected, my memory of the details fades quickly once I'm "back to normal".   I do recall calling for love, light, truth, healing, and alignment with highest, truest self, as well as soothing, energizing, balancing and whatever was in highest good for each individual who comes in contact with the salts.  Guess I remember more than I thought.  There were more positive things in there, I know.  Since salt is crystals, it should retain that programming very well.

The other quality that is great about these particular salts, is that they are finely ground.  So if you're like me and hop in the tub as soon as you can while it's filling, you'll be happy that finely ground means this salt dissolves quickly.  How soothing would it be to be sitting on a bunch of coarse salt pieces?

The salt also happens to be of food grade.  I am not selling it as such, as I'm sure there's rules and red tape involved in selling food products.  I did sterilize the jars before putting the salt in anyway.  Hey, if you want to eat your bath salt instead, that's up to you.  Hee hee.  I assume no responsibility.

This is getting long so I'll wrap it up.  I'll post the article I wrote for Tone Magazine about the salts on my website. It contains more information on the origins, qualities and benefits of Himalayan salt.

Can ya tell I'm excited about something I love?

Love and salt blessings to you!

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