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How To Reach The End Of The World

“How To Reach The End Of The World”
A Message From Archangel Metatron
Channelled by Lisa Virtue

It is not the end of the world as was foretold by many.  Prophecies exist and fear often dominates.  It is a habit of mankind to foretell the end of things.  For that is a great fear, annihilation.

So to reach the end of the world there is nothing to do but be in the now.  Be in your now.  You are one with everything.  This has been repeated often.  Know who you are.  Know that your light is your world.  Being your true self may seem a challenging task for many of you, perhaps even most.    It is seen as out there, away from you, in some distant or not so distant future, but in the future nonetheless.  Know dear children that it is not possible for it to be away from you.  Nothing truly is.  Your resources all exist eternally.  You have them now, you’ve had access to them in the past, and you will continue to have access to them in the future.   It is not about something you don’t have, or haven’t created, having to be waited for to come into your experience.  It is more in the allowing of that which exists already to flow through you.

Dear Ones, you are not less than whole.  You are all there is.  You are part of the greatness that is everything.  From the vantage point of Source, there is nothing else.  You are one, dear children, with one another, with the planet and everything on and within in it, in fact, the whole universe.  You will know this connection again.  It is your true nature.

Dear Ones, it is our divine provenance. From here, beyond your “veil” we see all is as it should be.  It is only for you to witness within yourself the essence of that.  The light that you are exists without time.  You may witness this in what has come to be called your moments of silence.  It is within a “moment of silence” where you connect with your true nature.  Bringing that out into the daily life experience is a growing and growing possibility for many of you now. 

Now that the shifts have come, now that your experience of what is is changing.  There will be many new things for you to explore on this and other levels.  There will also be a continuation of that which you have already known.  It is up to you now, to decide to be in your light, knowing your truth, your true nature more within every experience there is, that you encounter.  Knowing that life is passing before you and through you, within you, around you.  It is an experience to be shared and cherished.  For it is within you that you see the light of humanity and what its purpose has been for you all along.  It is experience.  Plain and simple you wanted to come here to experience. 

So, as you see, that is not something you can get wrong, or something you have to wait for.  You are having experiences all of the time, whether you are trying to or not.    Yes, it can be thought of and explored in more complex ways and terms and journeys.  Being Divine, you may have wished to experience certain or many particular things or ways or themes or expressions, transition and foreshadowing.  Ha ha, the channel, Lisa, is wondering at the term foreshadowing.  Yet don’t you see, that you foreshadowed many things.  Again, another part of experience. 

Dear Ones, I wish to leave you now with the thought about who you can be.  You can be all that you truly are in Divine nature.  Yet wishing to be back as Source or in Spirit energy form, while an experience, and a fine one, may not serve your desire to be ultimately happy.  Choose instead a thought about who you truly are now.  Think about allowing that which you already are to freely flow through you.  It already exists.  You can simply let it flow in more and more. 

You are not creating who you are so much as you are allowing who you already are to come through into this life choice experience.  You are Divine dear, loved ones.  You are part of Source.  Know that you chose the beauty and magnificence of this possibility; of being here, now, in order to experience and explore the magnificence and all the possibilities that God Source has created.

You are an adventurer, an explorer, a recluse and a vivacious dancer in this Universe.  You are all things and exploring what that means.  Enjoy this piece of what it is to be you.  Have no fear that you are less than anything.  Impossible.  You are all.  And you are here now to witness and be part of that expression. 

We cherish you from this side of your veil, for we know the whole story.  Fret not about the forgetfulness of this experience.  It was designed that way for a reason at the time.  In fact, your knowing currently is part of the experience of the shifting of that.  The desire was put forth to change the amount of forgetting, to open the veil more and more; for a different kind of progression to come.  Here it is.  You are now experiencing this state and shift.  Enjoy the moment.  It will never come again.  Each moment is precious.  They all are.  For you… are here… experiencing.

With love I leave you to experience your thoughts stirred by this writing.   Enjoy your nows.  Be in them well.  The future holds nothing more precious than each now moment can hold.  Be in it well my dear Ones.


We from Spirit once again would like to express our thanks and appreciation to the channel, Lisa Virtue, for her willingness to open to our thought stream.  This one was a particular challenge in her remaining separated from influencing the written word, however she did marvellously.  It is a certain structure and flow she is in belief works better for the audience.  Yet we have written in a way to inspire thought.  Unconventional though it may be, she has done well in letting it pass through her to the page.  We thank her again for her willingness and being open to what she feels could be the potential for embarrassment.

We highly recommend this vessel, Lisa.  She does well by Spirit in allowing the Divine to channel through her for healings and passing on of knowings of experiences on this, the other side.  Her medium skills are exceptional, though she is holding a false modesty and self-judgement.    Yes, dear one, we are exposing this here for all to witness as an example to them of the capabilities of humans despite their inner dialogue.  You, Lisa Virtue, are an exceptional healer.  You have harnessed your own powers of your true self.  Again, this is an example to others of what is possible here in the now.  You allow the flow of your true nature to come through and trust the subtle layers of knowing.  You open to the greater Spirit world and connect with the Divine ones such as myself to come through and aid and assist in many, many ways.  We are showing you here, dear One as an example of what we mentioned above.  You may be here, in the now, both human and Divine.  You may experience that which you truly are as well as play in this great experience in the form, function, habits and being as human.  A combination is possible.  And it is magnificent.  Enjoy, all of you, your Earthly playground.

Once again, we wish to connect those whom it is of highest good to seek and experience the Divinity that is Lisa Virtue.  It is her desire to assist others in finding their true essence. 

With great blessings to each and every one of you,
Archangel Metatron

Lisa Virtue ~ Energy Healer & Medium
Right Path Healing

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