Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Can't be Coincidence

I am amazed by what has been occurring for me lately.  The latest happening compels me to write about it today.

In a nutshell, I am feeling more deeply connected to the vastness of my true self.  Not in all moments, but certainly in more noticeable ones.  
Today brought the third “coincidence” in a short period of time.  What has been happening is that I will suddenly think of someone or something.  This in itself isn’t strange, as my mind likes to wander about.  The cool part is that anywhere from a few hours, days or even a week later, someone connected to that thought will contact me.  Inevitably I find out that they were thinking about me at the same time I had my thought.  With the first two that have occurred recently, I wasn’t sure which side was inspiring the connection.  Was it my thinking about them that tweaked them, or the other way around?  I had the feeling it was their thoughts alerting me. 

Today I got a call from an event organizer whose event I participated in last year.  She was calling because I hadn’t responded to the email invitation that was sent out.  I had not received that email.  I instantly recalled having been thinking about that event recently.  I mentioned that to her and asked her when they’d sent the email out.  She told me that they’d actually been talking about me a week ago, and she gave me the date.  While I didn’t make note of when I had that thought, that timeframe felt about right.  It really hit me in that moment; the reality that this is really happening, and frequently.   Coupled with stronger feeling connection and communication with Spirit, and new healing techniques being taught to me by Spirit, I would say that the shifts culminating in Dec. 2012, the new age we are now in…ya, it’s really on.

I’m looking forward to the continued unfolding.  I hope you are witnessing your own unfolding too.

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