Monday, 25 March 2013

Letting Go

Ahhh, bittersweet....
This is about a crystal, but applies to so much in life I think you'll all be able to relate to.

I had a large hematite crystal come in to my life when I needed it most. It helped me enormously. That's even an understatement. I carried it around with me most of the time, or it was always nearby. A few weeks ago it disappeared and I came to realize that I did not need it anymore. I had "graduated" and was okay on my own. Then I had the thought last night that if I found it it was time to pass it along to someone else whom it could help.

Well, lo and behold I found it this morning in a place I'd looked before. I connected with the crystal and it expressed that its journey is to help those who need it, moving on to the next when it's completed with one. 

So today I had a rare weekend client (I don't usually work weekends) and at the end of the session I knew that this was the person it was to help next.

It was bittersweet for me because I truly love that crystal. I love the feel of its energy, I love how well it resonated with me, I love how it loved and helped me and was so supportive. It got me through things I couldn't handle previously, and ultimately it healed / realigned me and taught me. 

However, my heart would have broken to leave it on a shelf somewhere not fulfilling its purpose. I feel that its soul would have withered somewhat being trapped. What ultimate, ugly greed that would be to keep something to its detriment because of an attachment. An attachment that wasn't even active anymore.

So I am happy that it has a new adventure in its purpose and someone it can help significantly. Much light and good will come from this great crystal, out there helping the world one soul at a time.

It goes with the instruction that it either be passed on to another in need when the time has come, or be returned to me so that I may pass it along again with love.
How glorious. My heart sings thinking about it.

May you find the grace to cherish the times spent with love and lovingly set free to sail that which has positively impacted your life, when the time comes.

With love to all of you out there.

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