Friday, 18 January 2013

A Message From Spirit 2

Channelled by Lisa Virtue

Dear Ones,

We have come to you again through this medium (double-entendre intended) to provide you again with upliftment for your spirit.  This time we wish to bring to your attention the changes occurring in this world.  Yes, you may see the negatives if you so choose, and there is much turmoil of spirit going on during these times of energetic change.  However, this is simply a time of opportunity. 

You have the opportunity to take the ride with this turbulence or attempt to hold fast against it.  Holding fast, you will quickly discover, does not serve your soul’s purpose well.  It will indeed be a bumpy ride for you.  Going with the turbulence seems counter to your instincts.  It looks, from your previous viewpoint, as if there is to be a lot of great change taking place.  While this is so, it need not be a time of fear.  Change is resisted by many even if it ultimately leads to betterment of your circumstances or situation.  An animal survival instinct is where this comes from. 

We suggest that you spend a few moments, or many if need be, with the feelings that arise in you as you view or witness your perceived challenges or potential life changes.  Once you have come to witness the reaction, choose to love yourself and honour the reality that you are a human being reacting naturally.  There is nothing wrong with you.  You are not bad for feeling this way.  Then, my dear ones, choose, decide, that you desire a different approach to your situation.  Choose that you can overcome the innate feelings by witnessing them, deciding that they are currently not serving to move you through your challenges with ease, and that your will can move you through to a new place of understanding.  Your will simply to be happier in your experience. 

So, take a deep breath, relax with the thought that you, as a being are naturally immune to your own fear thoughts.  Because you chose to create them, you have the antidote within you.  Reframe your thinking to one of imagining what could be the possible beneficial outcomes of these new situations presented to you.  Could there be a spiritual benefit somewhere?  For yourself, or perhaps for another?  From a Divine level there are many reasons you may be facing a situation.  Yet even from a human level there may be many opportunities to flow with the experience and create a positive outcome. 

Job change is an example many of you are currently facing.  While it seems dire in the instant, the moment, could there not be benefit down the road?  Perhaps you have created a comfort zone for yourself and even your loved ones that has ceased to be enriching and nourishing to your inner desire for expansion of self?  Facing this challenge allows for vast opportunity to choose anew.  A second chance, if you wish, to listen to your inner whispers.  The intuition that arises from your truest, highest self, felt deep within.  Embrace these changes dear Ones.  You are divine spirits existing in an ever-changing realm of possibilities.  You have the capacity to get through with ease and grace, if you are willing to face the day as a new opportunity.  Find the love, find the peace.  For it lies always within you.

With great love from “above”.
Your spirit helpers

Lisa Virtue is here to serve and benefit the spirits of mankind whom wish to elevate their own light.  Together, affecting the greater whole through their own self-evolution. Her services are loving and beneficial to your energy make-up, helping you to find peace and greater relief.   You may contact her via her website
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  1. Wow. This message really speaks to me. Thanks for sharing it, Lisa. :)