Sunday, 9 December 2012

More Questions, Answered. Mediums and Energy Healing.

These are the original questions from December's article in Natural Presence and Tone magazines.  The follow up questions are in the previous blog post that you'll actually see below this one.

What does a medium really do?

A medium is able to connect with nonphysical beings and energies in a way that allows them to translate messages and intentions to those still on the physical plane.  Mediums may work in different ways, yet what remains true to each is that they are accessing information that others are not consciously tuning in to.  They are a bridge. 

How do mediums connect with my loved ones?  They loved me, why aren’t they coming to me?

Mediums have developed their perceptions in a different way. They may have been born this way or developed their skills.  Some people are more prepared to open their senses in this manner, but everyone is capable of it.  Often grief may cloud us to perceiving.  As well, if you were not previously tuned in to Spirit, you may be expecting apparitions or dramatic events or occurrences as a sign from your dear ones.  While these things do occasionally occur, a medium is tapping in to a more subtle level.

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You do Energy Healing.  What is that exactly? 

Energy Healing can take many forms, but underneath the modalities is the essence of working with and positively affecting the energies that make up and surround a person.  Quantum physics can explain the details of how we are made up of energy.

How are you able to affect my energy?  I don’t understand how this works.

Just as a medium has developed senses that can tune in to things more subtle, it is possible to develop the ability to tune in to the subtle feeling and presence of energy on this plane as well.  Once able to perceive it, you can learn how to utilize and affect it to create positive change. 

How do I know which method is right for me?  There are so many.

There is no one “right” method for everyone.  That is why you must follow what appeals to you most.  This is actually a start in tuning in to the more subtle realm.  If you are feeling particularly drawn to a person or method, start with that one. 

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Find out: “How are the problems in my life connected to energy?  I don’t see how my health, relationships and finances relate to energy.”

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Spirit stated this best in last month’s article, so here it is again:
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