Saturday, 24 November 2012

Your Questions, Answered. Mediums and Energy Healing.

As promised in the December 2012 issues of Natural Presence and Tone Magazine, here are more of your questions about Mediums and Energy Healing answered.


Who can mediums connect with?

Mediums can connect you with a variety of beings.  First and foremost of interest for many people are the spirits of loved ones who have passed over.  Mediums can also connect you with your spirit guides as well as angels.  People sometimes wonder if their pets or animal loved ones can come through.  Absolutely.  While each medium is different, and some will be able to connect with certain beings and not others, the possibility is out there.  So if you have a particular interest and you’re not sure, ask the medium. 

I have had some interesting and unusual experiences with various “energy beings” coming through during Energy Healing sessions. I keep an open mind for the form chosen, as Spirit can be represented in many ways.  Some fascinating ones have been: native healers, guide dogs, dragons, fairies, and of course, the amazing archangels.

How can I learn to do this myself?

When I was asking my spirit guides what questions to answer on the website, I wrote down what they told me without thinking on it further.  Now that I look at this one, I realize this was their kind push to get me to teach a course.  In fact they are telling me that it is time for me to help people to connect with their spirit guides, who are eagerly waiting to connect in this way.  They really want to help you, and connecting with you directly will give them greater access to do so.
They said, “We are eagerly waiting to work with them, not just for them.” And by “for them” they mean helping you, but without your conscious connection.
So, in April I will teach a course on connecting not only to your spirit guides, but to other helpful, positive, energy beings as well.

If connecting to Spirit or being a Medium appeals to you, please register your interest right away.  This will ensure that there is a spot for you in what will be limited enrolment.  When the details for the course are available, you will be informed before it goes public, so you can confirm your VIP spot.
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How are the problems in my life connected to energy?  I don’t see how my health, relationships and finances relate to energy.

Our energy can become sluggish or blocked in areas when we have unresolved issues.  The area of the block is usually connected to a particular energy centre in our body, or chakra, that is related.  For instance an issue around security would likely manifest in your first chakra, which is located in the region around the base of your spine.  The longer this slow or blocked energy is untreated, the more likely it is you will start to notice its effects in your life.  This lower frequency of vibration attracts more of the same.  While it may seem that circumstances seem to just keep happening to you through no doing of your own, look again at how they may be related.  For example, perhaps many seemingly unrelated things happen, but each causes you to lose money. 

If you haven’t put two and two together from the circumstances in your life, and your energy remains blocked, it will probably get your attention as it manifests physically.  For example the liver is classically home to anger issues; and we all know the heart is connected to love.  In my healing practice, I locate your blocked energy and determine the exact issues involved.  As a generality though, you can often apply some commonly used expressions when thinking about the roots of your ailments.  Perhaps you “can’t stomach” something and you present with digestive issues.  Or your knee or leg is injured and you are struggling with “moving forward” in your life.

Luckily there is help.  As an energy healer, I locate your blocks and heal the root issues.  This will release the flow of energy and you will notice your body start to heal; your circumstances begin to change, and your mind become freer.

To book a healing or medium session contact me at 613.296.4271 or 
lisa at  You can also book online, or find out more via my website

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