Friday, 24 February 2012

Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron

Yesterday I watched a video of a healer who works with Metatron. Today I decided to call him in to assist in a healing session I was giving. I knew he came when I invited him before the client arrived, but it was in the middle of the session when I became fully aware of his presence. I felt that he was big; I was perceiving him more clearly. He guided me to perform 2 healings in particular ways. These methods are new to me, and he filled me with the confidence and the knowing that I could and was doing them.
I often find that in the moment of receiving information or healing or whatever from Spirit that it just feels so right and natural and like an easy part of the flow. So much so that it would be easy to forget to thank them. (I always thank them). This time felt the same, so easy and natural, but the back of my mind knew what a miracle and blessing this was. I recalled seeing on TV a girl using her gift that was similar and at the time wishing I could do that. I knew this was the same. I look forward to utilizing this new skill more. Practicing and building trust and confidence.
I will certainly be inviting Metatron back again for more than just grounding! And you better believe I thanked him!

with peace and love,

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